The Decline

Period Overview

Marcus Aurelius Numerius Numerianus - "Numerian" Bust

Emperor Numerian

Life: AD c. 253 – 284 Name: Marcus Aurelius Numerius Numerianus Born AD ca. 253. Became emperor in spring AD 283. Died near Nicomedia, November AD 284. Marcus Aurelius Numerius …

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Marcus Aurelius Carinus Bust

Emperor Carinus

Life: AD c. 250 – 285 Name: Marcus Aurelius Carinus Born AD ca. 250. Consul AD 283. Became emperor in spring AD 283. Wives: (1) Magnia Urbica (one son; Nigrinianus), …

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Marcus Aurelius Numerius Carus Bust

Emperor Carus

Life: AD c. 224 – 283 Marcus Aurelius Numerius Carus was born around AD 224 in Narbo in Gaul. Who was the Roman emperor Carus? Carus was a Roman emperor …

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Marcus Aurelius Equitius Probus Bust

Emperor Probus

Life: AD 232 – 282 Name: Marcus Aurelius Equitius Probus Born on 19 August AD 232 at Sirmium. Consul AD 277, 278, 279, 281, 282. Became emperor in July AD …

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Marcus Annius Florianus - "Florian" Bust

Emperor Florian

Life: AD ? – 276 Name: Marcus Annius Florianus Became emperor July AD 276. Died at Tarsus, September AD 276. After the death of Tacitus in July AD 276 power …

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Marcus Claudius Tacitus Bust

Emperor Tacitus

Life: AD c. 200 – 276 Name: Marcus Claudius Tacitus Born AD ca 200 in the Danube Region. Consul AD 203. Became emperor Oct./Nov. AD 275. Died in Tyana in …

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Lucius Domitius Aurelianus - "Aurelian" Bust

Emperor Aurelian

Life: AD 214 – 275 Name: Lucius Domitius Aurelianus Born 9 September AD 214. Became emperor in August AD 270. Wife: Ulpia Severina (one daughter; name unknown). Died at Caenophrurium …

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Marcus Aurelius Quintillus Coin

Emperor Quintillus

Life: AD ? – 270 Name: Marcus Aurelius Quintillus Became emperor in August AD 270. Died at Aquileia, ca. September AD 270. Marcus Aurelius Quintillus was the younger brother of …

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Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius II Gothicus Bust

Emperor Claudius II Gothicus

Life: AD 214 – 270 Name: Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Born 10 May AD 214 in Illyricum. Became emperor in September AD 268. Died at Sirmium, August AD 270. Deified …

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The Gallic Empire

Period: AD 260 – 274 For a brief time, caused by the weakened state of the empire, the western provinces managed to break away from Rome, creating their own independent …

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Publius Licinius Egantius Gallienus Bust

Emperor Gallienus

Life: AD c. 213 – 268 Name: Publius Licinius Egantius Gallienus Born AD ca. 213. Became emperor in October AD 253. Wife: Cornelia Salonina (three sons; Licinius Valerianus, Licinius Salolinus, …

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Publius Licinius Valerianus - "Valerian" Coin

Emperor Valerian

Life: AD c. 195 – 260 Name: Publius Licinius Valerianus Born AD ca. 195. Consul in AD 230’s. Became emperor in October AD 253. Wife: Egnatia Mariniana (two sons; Publis …

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Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus - "Aemilian Coin

Emperor Aemilian

Life: AD c. 206 – 253 Name: Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus Born AD ca. 207. Became emperor in July/August AD 253. Wife: Gaia Cornelia Supera. Died at Spoletium, October AD 253. …

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Gaius Vibius Afininus Trebonianus Gallus Bust

Emperor Trebonianus Gallus

Life: AD c. 206 – 253 Name: Gaius Vibius Afininus Trebonianus Gallus Born AD ca. 206. Consul AD 245. Became emperor in June AD 251. Wife: Afinia Gemina Baebiana (one …

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