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roman helmets

Legionary Helmets of the Roman Period

by Iain Dickson, ‘Melvadius Macrinus Cugerni’ Sculptural Evidence Many sculptures have been found showing the Roman army in operation as well as individual memorial monuments to Roman soldiers. The workmanship on …

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conquest in africa

The Re-Conquest of Africa (AD 533)

by Gary Julian It is as if there is a “code of silence” among Historians in general, and Military Historians in particular, on the career of Count Belisarius of the Eastern …

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persian wars of herachius

The Persian Wars of Heraclius

by Kurs In this article, I will try to throw some light on the Persian campaigns of the emperor Heraclius (who reigned AD 610 – 641), which in most historical …

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aurelian's campaign in the east

Aurelian’s Campaign in the East

AD 272/273 by ‘Emperor Aurelianus’ Background to the Conflict The conflict between Zenobia of Palmyra and Aurelian took place for the most part in 272ad, in the second year of …

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roman army dress

Army Soldier Dress, Armor, & Weapons

A collection of pictures of soldiers with their armour/equipment (recreated from historical accounts). Hoplite (5th century BC) Veles, plural: velites (3rd/2nd century BC) Hastatus (3rd/2nd Century BC) Triarius (3rd/2nd Century BC) …

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roman siege

Siege Warfare

Siege Warfare – Tactics Ancient Romans were experts in siege warfare. In conducting sieges, the Romans showed their practical genius combined with ruthless thoroughness. If a place could not be …

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Roman Navy

The Roman Navy was always considered an inferior arm and was strictly under army control. But already during the First Punic War, Rome proved itself capable of launching a fleet …

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