Roman Mythology Books

Top 5 Roman Mythology Books

Roman mythology has been significantly influenced by Greek mythology due to Rome’s geographical location and its expansion. However, Roman mythology still is significantly different and has particular demarcations that sets …

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Asterix the Gaul Cartoon character

Asterix the Gaul

The Asterix Phenomenon Asterix the Gaul must be Europe’s favourite comic book hero. On a global scale he may only be forced into second place by a rather famous American …

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Ancient Roman Sources

NAME PERIOD BACKGROUND & FAMOUS WORKS LANGUAGE Acts of Pilate early fourth century AD Forged documents circulated round the east of the empire by emperor Maximinus II Daia to discredit …

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The Top Roman Achievements

The Empire Naturally the most obvious achievement of the Romans was their vast empire, which spread over three continents. It lasted for a long, long time. From 625 BC to …

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The Evils of the Roman Empire

Rome has a glittering history. Its empire lasted for a thousand years, its great emperors are famous still today. But Rome had a bad side to it. If we could …

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Roman Libraries

by Javier Rodriguez The intellectual prestige of the Greek world was consolidated through the Hellenistic libraries, mainly the library of Alexandria and the one of Pergamum. The first became the greatest …

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Legionary Helmets of the Roman Period

by Iain Dickson, ‘Melvadius Macrinus Cugerni’ Sculptural Evidence Many sculptures have been found showing the Roman army in operation as well as individual memorial monuments to soldiers. The workmanship on these …

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The Re-Conquest of Africa (AD 533)

by Gary Julian It is as if there is a “code of silence” among Historians in general, and Military Historians in particular, on the career of Count Belisarius of the Eastern …

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