Virtual Ancient Rome in 3D – Aerial view, 8 minute flight over the detailed reconstruction

Here is an amazing video from History in 3D.

Here is a brief description from them:

“Our goal is to create the most extensive, detailed and accurate virtual 3D reconstruction of Ancient Rome. In this video you can see the whole center of the Eternal City from the air, as well as other significant areas, such ar Campus Martius, or Trastevere (Transtiberim). You can see the Forum, Colosseum, imperial Forums (Fori Imperiali), as well as famous baths, theaters, temples and palaces. This is the current progress of our project, and as you can see about 40% of all Rome, as it was in 4th century AD, is already done. This video is just a current progress overview, please watch other our videos and follow our project pages – there you’ll find more detailed reconstructions and information about famous buildings and monuments of ancient Rome.”

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