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Roman House Model Labeled

The Roman House

Early Italian houses grouped around the atrium, with a small garden, the so-called hortus, at the back.The classic Roman house, however, was divided into two parts. The first part grouped …

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household sex

Household Sex

In a Roman household sex was in plentiful supply. Except, so it seems, between the actual married couples. The existence of slaves in the house naturally mean that, particularly the …

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Conjugal Love

Love was irrelevant to the success of a marriage in Roman eyes. Marriage was there in order to provide children. Loved was a welcome thing, but by no means necessary. …

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roman marriage


The symbolic bed enthroned in the atrium or tablinum of the Roman house was a reminder that the house was also intended to accommodate a woman destined to become a …

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roman games

The Roman Games

There were two kinds of roman games: ludi scaenici and ludi circenses. If at first the games of the early Roman republic had religious significance, then later the ‘secular’ games …

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The Pallium Cloak

Roman Dress

What is a Roman dress? What did the Roman fashion looked like? Roman clothing owed much to that of ancient Greece, but it had distinct forms of its own. Read …

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roman empire nobility

Obligations of Nobility

The civilization that was Rome had high demands on its people. The Roman citizen may have enjoyed rights and had room to follow his ambitions, but so too did he …

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Girls enjoyed a similar, if not the same education as boys in early childhood. Though beyond primary education it was generally only daughters of aristocratic families who continued their education. …

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Roman Offices & Politics

The Roman Office Positions OFFICE ELECTION BY RESPONSIBILITIES AFTER TERM OF OFFICE Consul(senior magistrate) Comitia Centuriata Can propose law,acts as senior judge,presides comitia centuriata,army commander,can jointly propose dictator provincial governor and …

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Roman Society & Life

The Census In the beginning was the census. Every five years, each male Roman citizen had to register in Rome for the census. In this he had to declare his …

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