The Collapse

Period Overview

Magnus Maximus coin

Emperor Magnus Maximus

Life: AD ? – 388 Probably born at Callaecia, Spain. Became emperor AD 383. Died AD 388. Magnus Maximus was born to a poor Spanish family, probably in the province …

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Flavius Theodosius - "Theodosius I" or "Theodosius the Great" Bust

Emperor Theodosius I

Life: AD 347 – 395 Early Life ‘Theodosius the Great’ was born in Cauca in the Spanish province of Tarraconensis in AD 347. His father was Theodosius the elder, who …

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Flavius Valentinianus - "Valentinian II" Statue

Emperor Valentinian II

Life: AD 375 – 392 Name: Flavius Valentinianus Born in AD 371 at Treviri. Became emperor in AD 375. Died in Vianna in Gaul, 15 May AD 392. Valentinian II …

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emperor gratian

Emperor Gratian

Life: AD 359 – 383 Early Life Gratian was born at Sirmium in AD 359, the son of Valentinian and Marina Severa. Granted the position of consul by his father …

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Flavius Julius Valens Bust

Emperor Valens

Life: AD c. 328 – 378 Early Life Valens was born around AD 328 as the second son of a native of Cibalae in Pannonia called Gratianus. Like his brother …

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Flavius Valentinianus - "Valentinian" coin

Emperor Valentinian

Life: AD 321 – 375 Early Life Valentinian was born in AD 321 in Pannonia. His father was a certain Gratianus who came from Cibalae in Pannonia. The young Valentinian …

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Flavius Jovianus - "Jovian" coin

Emperor Jovian

Life: AD 330 – 364 Name: Flavius Jovianus Born in AD 330 at Singidunum. Became emperor in June AD 363. Died in Dadastana, winter AD 363/4. Born in AD 330 …

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Flavius Magnus Magnentius - "Julian the Apostate" Statue

Emperor Julian the Apostate

Life: AD 332 – 363 Early Life Julian was born in AD 332 at Constantinople, the son of Julius Constantius, who was a half-brother of Constantine the Great. His mother was Basilina, …

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Flavius Magnus Magnentius coin

Emperor Magnentius

Life: AD c. 303 – 353 Name: Flavius Magnus Magnentius Born in February AD ca. 303. Became emperor on 18 January AD 350. Died at Lugdunum (Lyons), AD 353. Magnentius …

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Flavius Julius Constans Bust

Emperor Constans

Life: AD c. 320 – 350 Name: Flavius Julius Constans Born in AD 320. Became emperor in AD 337. Died on in Gaul, on the way to Spanish border, January …

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Flavius Claudius Constantinus - "Constantine II" Bust

Emperor Constantius II

Life: AD 317 – 361 Early Life Constantius II was born in Illyricum in August AD 317, the son of Constantine the Great and Fausta, and was proclaimed Caesar in …

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Flavius Claudius Constantinus - "Constantine II" coin

Emperor Constantine II

Life: AD c. 317 – 340 Name: Flavius Claudius Constantinus Born in February AD ca. 317. Consul AD 320, 321, 324. Became emperor in AD 337. Died near Aquileia, AD …

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The Collapse of the Roman Empire

Period: AD 337 – 476 Flavius Claudius Constantinus – “Constantine II” Reign: AD 337 – 340 Flavius Julius Constantius – “Constantius II” Reign: AD 337 – 361 Flavius Julius Constans …

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