'The High Point'

96 Murder of Domitian. The senate elects Nerva emperor.

97 Nerva adopts Trajan as colleague and successor

98 Death of Nerva. Trajan sole emperor. Trajan completes military organization on the Rhine and returns to Rome.

101 Trajan's first campaign on the Danube

102 Trajan forces the 'Iron Gates' and penetrates Dacia

104 Conquest of Dacia and death of Dacian King Decebalus.

106 Erection of the Forum and Column of Trajan in Rome. Colonization of Dacia. The Nabatean kingdom of Petra is annexed as the province of Arabia.

114 Trajan advances against Parthia

114-117 Parthian War. Roman victory brings Armenia, Mesopotamia and Assyria as new provinces into the Empire

114-118 Revolt of the Jews in Cyrenaica, Egypt and Cyprus

115 Trajan crosses the Tigris

116 Trajan captures Ctesiphon, but insurrections in his rear force him to retire.

117 Trajan dies at Selinus in Cilicia. Hadrian emperor. Hadrian reverts to policy of non-expansion, and makes peace with Parthia.

118 Partial withdrawal from Dacia

121-125 First voyages of Hadrian: Gaul, Rhine frontiers, Britain (122, Hadrian's Wall erected in northern England), Spain, western Mauretania, the Orient, and Danube provinces

128-132 Second voyage of Hadrian: Africa, Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Cyrene

131 Hadrian at Alexandria

133 Last organized revolt of the Jews under Bar Kochba and their final dispersion

134 Hadrian at Rome

135 Hadrian nominates Verus as successor

137 Verus dies

138 Hadrian adopts Antoninus. Antoninus adopts Marcus Aurelius. Death of Hadrian. Antoninus emperor.

138-161 Antoninus Pius emperor. Pursues policy of domestic reforms, centralised administration, better relations with Senate, though there is unrest in the provinces. Gradual rise of power of the barbarians along imperial borders.

141-143 Hadrian's Wall extended into Scotland

161 Death of Antoninus. Marcus Aurelius emperor. Marcus Aurelius makes Verus co-emperor.

162-166 Parthian War

165 Verus takes official command of the east.

166 Unrest in the upper and middle Danube frontiers, where Quadi and Marcomanni in movement. Outbreak of plague. Religious revival. Severe persecution of Christians.

167-175 First Marcomannic War

167 Marcus Aurelius and Verus march against the Quadi who seek and obtain peace.

168 Death of Verus. Marcus Aurelius sole emperor.

169-179 Campaigns of Marcus Aurelius in Pannonia

175 Revolt of Avidius Cassius, who is put to death by his own followers

175-180 Second war against Danube-Germans

177 Marcus Aurelius makes Commodus co-emperor

180 Death of Marcus Aurelius. Accession of Commodus. Commodus makes peace with the Sarmatians and returns to Rome.

183 Plot to kill Commodus discovered. Henceforth he acts as panic-stricken tyrant Power of favourite Perennis.

186 Fall of Perennis. Power of Cleander

189 Fall of Cleander

192 Death of Commodus