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Castrensian Amphitheatre
Theatre of Balbus
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Esquiline Hill

The centre of the image shows the Theatre of Balbus with its adjoining Portico. The portico was called the Crypta Balbi. The theatre was built by Lucius Cornelius Balbus. It was officially dedicated to emperor Augustus, yet to all it continued to bear the name of the man who built it, a momument to an evidently astounding man who didnít even begin life as a Roman citizen.
To the left of the theatre is the Porticus of Philippus (smaller with round temple) and the Porticus of Octavia (larger with two temples).
The top of the image shows the Capitoline Hill with the grand temples of Jupiter and Juno.
In the bottom left of the picture is the portico of Pompey with its small temples at the eastern end.


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