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Temple of Elagabalus
The Aventine Hill
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Aqua Anio Novus

A view overlooking the Aventine Hill.
At the bottom of the image is the river Tiber, crossed by the Pons Probi.
Far left lies the vast Circus Maximus. In the far distance at the very top of the picture the Baths of Caracalla can be seen.
Atop the Aventine Hill stand the Baths of Decius.
Bringing water to the Aventine is the Aqua Claudia which is the red brick aqueduct easily made out coming in from the left.

As above the Circus Maximus, the Aqua Claudia and the Baths of Decius prove landmarks easy to spot.
To the very right of the image, on the banks of the Tiber stands the vast Porticua Aemilia, also known as the Emporium.


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