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Temple of Claudius

In the centre of the image you find the Forum Boarium (literal meaning of 'forum bovarium': ‘cattle market’), Rome’s fish and meat market.
Look closely and you can make out the little circular Temple to Hercules.
If you peer closely enough you can even make out the gabled Arch of Janus just off to the right from the Forum Boarium.
From the Forum Boarium the bridge, the Pons Aemilius, extends across the Tiber.
Further upstream you find the Insula Tiberina in the river connected by the Pons Fabricius to the river bank at which lies the large Theatre of Marcellus.
Towering above, atop its steep hill, stands the Temple to Jupiter.
In the right upper corner of the picture you can make out the Forum Romanum.
In the lower right corner of the picture you find the massive Circus Maximus.

The little, round temple at the edge of the river is the Temple of Hercules. Immediately to its left is the outflow of the Cloaca Maxima, Rome’s central sewer.
Towards the upper left corner of the image is the Arch of Janus. The upper right hand corner shows the western end of the Circus Maximus.
The small rectangular temple to the left is the Temple of Portunus.
The tiny round structure set in a small portico in front of the Circus Maximus is the Ara Maxima, an altar to Hercules.


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