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The Imperial Fora
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Mausoleum of Augustus

We are looking across the Fora of the Emperors.
Closest to the bottom of the image you see the back of the Temple of Trajan. Next is the large Basilica Ulpia. Note between the Basilica and the Temple you can spot the famour Column of Trajan.
Behind the Basilica Ulpia is the vast space of the Forum of Trajan. The figure on horseback is in the centre of the square Ė you guessed it Ė a statue of emperor Trajan.
Note the curved extensions on either side of the portico. The one on the left survives to this day, known as Trajanís market.
From Trajanís Forum straight on From Trajanís Forum, you find the Forum of Augustus with the Temple of Mars Ultor.
To the left of the Forum of Augustus you see the Forum Julium, built by Caesar, and the back of its Temple of Venus.
Behind the Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar is the small, Forum of Nerva, also called the Forum Transitorium. The small temple at the right end of it is a Temple to Minerva.
Finally, the large forum at the right upper corner of the picture is the Forum of Vespasian with its Temple of Peace.

From left to Right:
Temple Of Trajan, Trajanís Column, Basilica Ulpia, Forum of Trajan (note the curve of Trajanís Market behind), Forum of Augustus with the Temple to Mars Ultor, below it the Forum Julium with the Temple to Venus
In the bottom right of the picture the back of the temple to Juno Moneta on the Arx.

At the bottom of the picture the imperial fora.
From the centre of the picture running to the left, the old Forum Romanum, the large Basilica of Maxentius almost touching with the Forum of Vespasian.
The centre top of the picture shows the Capitoline Hill.
In the top right corner of the picture you see the Theatre and Portico of Balbus (Crypta Balbi), left of it the Portico of Octavia.


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