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The Colosseum views from the north. Immediately in front of the Colosseum, slightly to the right, you see the Baths of Titus. The bottom of the picture shows the sprawling Baths of Trajan. To the left of the Colosseum there is an enclosure with a small arena within it. This is the Ludus Gladiatorius, a gladiator school. In the upper left of the image stands the Temple of Claudius and you can also see the arches of the Aqua Anio Novus. In the upper right you see the raised platform of the Temple of Elagabalus and below it the grand Temple of Venus and Roma.

To the right you find the Colosseum, behind which are the Baths of Titus immediately in front of the massive Baths of Trajan.
In the square to the left of the Colosseum you find the Arch of Constantine and the colossal figure of Nero which gave the Colosseum its name.
The to the left you see the entrance to the Via Sacra flanked to the north by the giant temple to Venus and Roma and the Temple of Elagabalus.


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