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The Colosseum

The Via Sacra looking from the Capitoline toward the Colosseum. As the square of the Forum finishes we find the small Temple of the divine Julius. To its immediate right stands the arch of Augustus.
Behind the Arch you can make out the little, round Temple of Vesta, where the vestal virgins tend the eternal flame.
The building immediately behind the Temple of Vesta is the House of the Pontifex Maximus, whereas the building which lies to the right of it and then turns to run parallel with the house of the Pontifex Maximus (forming a court year between the two) is the residence of the vestal virgins.
On the left of the Via Sacra you can also see the massive Basilica of Maxentius.
Finally, at the end of the Via Sacra lies the massive Temple of Venus and Roma, designed by emperor Hadrian.

Another view of the Via Sacra.


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