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Canutillo Elementary School
Roman Presentation

Ladies: Veronica, Nayeli, Jasmine
Gladiators: Brian, Daniel, Jose
Emperors: James, Andy
by guidance of teacher Ms Judith Valle
Canutillo, 2001

Canutillo Elementary School
Canutillo Elementary School

Now here's a great idea for all school classes out there !

Here are Ms Judith Valle's class bringing Roman history to life in their school at Canutillo, near El Paso in the US state of Texas.

May I congratulate them on a great idea as well as a great presentation. And to all you other teachers out there - why not give something like this a try ! It makes dry, old Roman history an adventure !

emperor4-b.jpg - 40082 Bytes emperor5-b.jpg - 43002 Bytes
Behold Andy the Magnificent, the great emperor of the west !
He has presently just returned from his conquest of Canutillo and has celebrated a triumph through the streets of Rome in his chariot.

school6-b.jpg - 36932 Bytes james1-b.jpg - 38000 Bytes
Wondering whom to condemn to death today ? No, today the great ruler of the west is in a fine mood. Instead he decides to invite the emperor of the east for a visit.
'Scribe ! Come here and transfer this message on a scroll for me !'
On receiving the message emperor James of Constantinople seems a little surprised.

school3-b.jpg - 38104 Bytes shopping1-b.jpg - 40762 Bytes
Receiving emperor James' acceptance, much is to be organised for the visit.
Not one to shy away from doing some work himself, Andy the Magnificent goes shopping for the great event to come. But is that the right amount in his hand ? The shopkeeper doesn't seem convinced. Seems even emperors have to haggle to get the right price when shopping in Rome... :-)

shopping5-b.jpg - 40612 Bytes shopping3-b.jpg - 37666 Bytes
Luckily, an emperor doesn't have to do everything himself. The ladies of the court also help with some of the shopping.

Andy-b.jpg - 39695 Bytes emperors3-b.jpg - 39519 Bytes
Finally, the emperors of the east and the west meet. Sadly, relations seem to be grim.
However, once he's informed that there's going to be plenty of free food and games, the imperial guest from Constantinople soon cheers up.

girls2-b.jpg - 33727 Bytes
The Vestal Virgins provide both beauty and dignity to these imperial affairs of state...

banquet12-b.jpg - 40503 Bytes banquet9-b.jpg - 44098 Bytes
...that is, before they attack the buffet, before the emperors get their hands on it ! For usually, once the imperial bigwigs are there, they quickly monopolize all the best food for themselves.

banquet1-b.jpg - 42069 Bytes
Well, if ever there was a picture to prove that very point... :-)

banquet4-b.jpg - 39261 Bytes
Masters of the ancient world ! Here are the rulers of the world of old, about to lay waste to a table of Roman delicacies.

banquet2-b.jpg - 38018 Bytes banquet3-b.jpg - 43042 Bytes
The food's delicious the wine flows - and everyone is terribly careful not to say anything which might upset the mighty emperors...

gladiators3-b.jpg - 34467 Bytes
But no meeting of emperors would be complete without a gladiatorial spectacle. And so the gladiators are called to interrupt their lessons at school...

class1-b.jpg - 45959 Bytes fight2-b.jpg - 34252 Bytes
.. to appear in the arena and provide entertainment befitting such a great imperial event.

gladiators1-b.jpg - 37233 Bytes jose2-b.jpg - 36448 Bytes
And without fail the contestants open the games with the famous greeting 'Morituri te salutant' ('Those who are about to die salute you'), before beating the living daylights out of each other !
One famous fighter, Jose the Indestructible, even chops his oppenent's head off with two swords !

coronation2-b.jpg - 42316 Bytes coronation1-b.jpg - 39796 Bytes
Such great fighting calls for rewards. Emperor James honours Jose the Indestructible, while emperor Andy bestows honours on a local hero, Brian the Bononian Berserker.

banquet5-b.jpg - 43868 Bytes banquet7-b.jpg - 37279 Bytes
Oh, it's so hard being an emperor these days. After the great gladiatorial fighting they're back, doing what emperors do best - being spoiled wrotten.

Andydying-b.jpg - 28348 Bytes jasmine1-b.jpg - 37535 Bytes
But soon after the two rulers' latest indulgence, emperor Andy the Magnificent suddenly falls ill and dies with James at his death bead. Poison ? Many suspect James' involvement...
But what is that ? Who's on Rome's throne now ?
Behold empress Jasmine the Great ! Perhaps it wasn't James after all... ;-)

Wall-b.jpg - 39324 Bytes
But it wasn't all just games. Appears they did their homework, too !

canutillo-class1-c.jpg - 31690 Bytes
And here is everyone involved in this project lined up for us.

Only one thing to say really. A truly fantastic effort !

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