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Dougga (Thugga) part 2
by Iain Dickson (Melvadius Macrinus Cugerni)

Dougga Part 1
Dougga Part 1

House in front of the Licinian Baths. Note that typically of Punic influenced houses the entrance courtyard is placed to the side of the front door, unlike the usual Roman practice of being directly in line with it, so it remained private and could not have been seen from the street.

Licinian Baths (with archaeologist at work)

One of the two underground passageways running beneath the Licinian Baths, at several points along these the remains of pottery formers can be seen. The formers were used to create the arching roofs of the passages.

Interior of the Licinian Baths

Some mosaics remain visible around the site although most of the best preserved examples have now been moved to the Bardo museum in Tunis.

Many signs of Dougga's long occupation can be found around the site.

View from the Licinian baths over the House of the Trifolium, with the Punic Mausoleum in the background. (N.B. Steps in left foreground lead up to the Odeon)

Libyco-Punic Mausoleum dating from 2nd Century BC. This mausoleum is approximately 21 metres high.

Latrines beside the Cyclops Baths

Remains of the Odeon.

View across the "Scene" (or backdrop) of the Odeon.

View through the Scene into the main theatre

View from within the theatre at Dougga, showing the reconstructed Scene and with the Punic Mausoleum visible in the distance.

References and Links

http://www.newafrica.com/travel/uniquefeature.asp?countryid=51&maintitleid=3224 - Very good article on Dougga, with quite detailed descriptions of its history and many of the main buildings.

http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~biederma/archaeologie/thugga/Forschungsgeschichte.html - German language site but it has two good photographs showing the Theatre and Mausoleum both before and after restoration.

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/8725/Tunisia/douggamap.htm - Quite a useful online map of Dougga linked to some background information on the site.

http://www.tunisiaonline.com/mosaics/index.html - Site with examples of mosaics found at various locations in Tunisia including some from Dougga.